Our teachers must be certified from British Columbia.

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BCCIS Employment Email
BCCIS Administration
(in Egypt):

What is BCCIS all about?

What is the role of a teacher in Egypt?

So, why teach at BCCIS?

  • Making the decision to move to another country can be difficult but rewarding. There are many reasons why a person would choose to teach at BCCIS. They include:

    • experiencing the adventure and excitement of accessible travel throughout Egypt, Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe from a home base in Cairo;
    • living in a culturally different country, but still being able to purchase most North American food items and other goods;
    • being part of a school that has a history of excellence with B.C. assessments and excellent inspection reports from the B.C. Ministry of Education;
    • teaching enthusiastic and motivated English-speaking students using the B.C. curriculum from Early Childhood Education to Graduation;
    • being supported through professional development and mentoring by B.C. trained and certified administration and staff;
    • meeting vibrant new people as a part of the BCCIS staff and learning about the ‘way of life’ in the community in which you live.;
    • participating in ‘authentic’ language and cultural experiences in a foreign country that will last a lifetime;
    • being a member of a professional learning community that emphasizes team and cooperative planning;
    • gaining valuable teaching skills and experience in an innovative education setting with excellent resources and facilities;
    • acquiring recognition of B.C. teaching experience being renumerated with a competitive salary (USD) and benefit package experiencing an economy where the cost of living is generally less expensive than in North America.

What sort of a person is best suited for teaching in Egypt?

What is the process for applying to BCCIS?