The most important aim of our early childhood program is to encourage every child to become an enthusiatic learner and creative explorer.


The B.C. curriculum at the elementary level begins by exploring the individual’s own identity and family. As the students move through Grades 1 – 7 they learn about their community and the varied cultures within that community. With an understanding of their own environment, they are better able to understand other societies and cultures. The math and science programs at the elementary level in B.C. follow in a similar way as students move from simple concepts and processes to more complex problem solving and higher order thinking. With English being the language of instruction, our elementary program stresses not only reading comprehension but writing in all genres. As the students move through the British Columbia elementary school grades, social responsibility and global citizenship is taught, modeled and practiced. These are integrated into the different subjects and students are given many opportunities to practice their skills. Healthy living and healthy choices are core to not only the physical education program but the school community itself.