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Openings For Sept. 2021

The British Columbia Canadian International School is a growing community and we look forward to a staff increase each year. All Teachers MUST be BC certified or eligible for certification.


What is BCCIS all about?

The British Columbia Canadian School in Cairo (BCCIS – Cairo) has had more than a decade of success in preparing students for graduation and beyond and has developed an excellent reputation throughout the international education world.

Our BCCIS students are growing up in a time when they are connected to other parts of the world more closely than any other period in history.  It is therefore important that we continue to create opportunities for them to experience and understand the language, cultural, economic and political similarities and differences among people and countries from across the globe.


We have created a significant ‘global opportunity’ by becoming a fully accredited British Columbia, Canada Offshore School.  Using the B.C. curriculum, our K-12 students learn to take risks, work collaboratively in groups, communicate their ideas effectively in different ways and develop inquiring minds and self-discipline. The development of these skills will ensure they will be able to be better global citizens


The reason we chose to be a British Columbia Offshore School is because B.C. students continually rank among the top in the world in Mathematics, Science and Reading in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). 

As in B.C., our students are taught in English and French and, at the completion of their studies, attain the B.C. ‘Dogwood’ Graduation Certificate.


Also, in order to meet graduation requirements our students write B.C. Ministry of Education Provincial Examinations in English 10, Mathematics 10, Science 10, Social Studies 11, and English 12.  To ensure that we follow the B.C. curriculum, policies and processes to the highest level, BCCIS is inspected and accredited on an annual basis by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

So, Why teach at BCCIS?

Making the decision to move to another country can be difficult but rewarding. There are many reasons why a person would choose to teach at BCCIS.  They include:


  • experiencing the adventure and excitement of accessible travel throughout Egypt, Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe from a home base in Cairo.
  • living in a culturally different country but still being to purchase most North American food items and other goods
  • being part of a school that has a history of excellence in achievement on B.C. Provincial Exams and excellent inspection reports from the B.C. Ministry of Education.
  • teaching enthusiastic and motivated English speaking students using the C. curriculum from Early Childhood Education to Graduation.
  • being supported through professional development and mentoring by B.C. trained and certified administration and staff
  • meeting vibrant new people as a part of  the BCCIS staff and learning about the ‘way of life’ in the community in which you live, whether Maadi or El Rehab.
  • participating in  ‘authentic’ language and cultural experiences in a foreign country that will last a lifetime.
  • being a member of a professional learning community that emphasizes team and cooperative planning.
  • gaining valuable teaching skills and experience in an innovative education setting with excellent resources and facilities.
  • acquiring recognition of B.C. teaching experience
  • being renumerated with a competitive salary (USD) and benefit package
  • experiencing an economy where the cost of living is generally less expensive than in North America
  • working with a family of BCCIS Board members who genuinely care about the quality of the school and happiness of their employees

What sort of person is best suited for teaching in Egypt?

Some people are better suited for teaching abroad in a country like Egypt.  The ideal person for taking on such a challenge would be one who:


  • has a sense of adventure and an interest in contributing to the success of BCCIS
  • is well-balanced and is flexible so that one can adapt to differences in everyday life
  • demonstrates a cultural understanding and respect for Egypt and is able to adapt to a middle eastern lifestyle
  • cares deeply for students and has a strong commitment to the teaching profession
  • is a good role model for students and colleagues and demonstrates high personal standards at all times
  • conducts oneself in a professional and ethical manner at school and within the community and is willing to respect and abide by the laws of the host country
  • has an open mind and is willing to learn … is a lifelong learner
  • has a good sense of humor

What is the role of a teacher in Egypt?

Because BCCIS is a B.C. Offshore School, role of the teacher in Egypt is the same as any school in in British Columbia. Of course, specific positions will vary depending on age level and subject area.  At BCCIS we are looking for teachers who have:


  • demonstrated sensitivity, awareness and understanding of youth and adolescent development
  • an enthusiasm for working and developing positive relationships with children and adolescents
  • demonstrated ability and knowledge of strategies necessary to motivate young children and adolescents to achieve at a high level
  • the ability to prepare detailed plans including course overviews, unit plans and lesson plans
  • proven ability to inspire confidence and self-worth in students
  • a high level of energy and great interpersonal skills
  • demonstrated capabilities in working effectively and collaboratively as a member of a team
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • demonstrated the use successful instructional strategies in the classroom
  • demonstrated excellent classroom management, behaviour management and classroom organization skills
  • a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • an understanding and knowledge of the Ministry of Education’s current philosophy for graduation level schools with respect to teaching practices and evaluation/assessment (including formative and summative assessement) and reporting procedures
  • proven competence in using technology in the classroom
  • a willingness to learn about and show respect for other cultures

How can I get more information about teaching at BCCIS?

  • visit our website at: bccis.ca and use the ‘contact’ page
  • email us at: admin@bccis.ca
  • phone us at: (02) 2688 0900
  • fax us at: (02) 2688 0904
  • mail us at: P.O. Box 98, El Shrouk City, 5th Settlement – Section 34 – Suez Road Entrance, El Shroud, Cairo, Egypt
  • check out our ‘Living in Egypt’ booklet under ‘Employment’ on our website
  • check out our Superintendent, Mr. Bob Long’s blogs at globallearningadventures.com

What is the process for applying to BCCIS?

  • If you are interested in teaching at BCCIS you need to put together an application package just as you would to apply to any school in British Columbia.  This package should include: 
    • a current resume and cover letter
    • the names of two referees (principal, vice principal, school or faculty advisor) who have supervised your teaching
    • University Transcripts
    • a recent teaching report or Final Practicum Report
    • a copy of your TRB Certification (if you are not a BC certified teacher go to http://bcteacherregulation.ca)

How To Become A Teacher

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Contact Information

If you would like more information about employment opportunities at BCCIS please send your Resume or Curricular Vitae to:

BCCIS Employment:

Email: :HR@bcciswest.ca

BCCIS Administration (in Egypt):

Email: admin@bcciswest.ca

Job Opportunities

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